A Bridge Over Troll-ed Waters

Yesterday I wasted a lot of time engaging with a very bad article in support of a pretty good candidate. It was called “Kamala Harris Doesn't Have To Explain Her Kickass Self To Your Dumb Asses,” and the premise is that she’s too inspirational and awesome to need to explain her record as a prosecutor. That’s a bad idea because everyone who’s running for president needs to account for the things they’ve done, whether they’re good or bad, and some of what she did as DA and AG was bad because it hurt people even if other stuff she did was good. She’s not the only candidate running for president who has done bad things that have hurt people as well as good things that have helped people, and all of them need to explain the bad things, if they understand they’re bad, why they did them, and whether they’d continue to do them, and all of them get a chance to explain what good things they’d do to help people, and that’s how we decide who helps people most and hurts people least.

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