Brief Comment on US Politics From Overseas

I’ve been traveling out of the country and have only briefly been checking in to US politics, but I’m happy to see that Stacey Abrams and Andrew Gillum are going to work on registering voters and fighting suppression. They’re going to win elections. The elections won’t have their names on them, and we don’t know how many there will be, but they’ll happen at all levels, maybe even the presidential level. It’s pretty much certain they’ll win some elections, because the things they are doing win elections and they’re doing them at a scale where the sum total won’t be zero.

I think a lot of people who previously tried to win elections by running directly have a chance to win them in other ways. They may also have chances to win them at the top of the ticket in the future – I hope that both Abrams and Gillum do this someday. They were good candidates when they ran, and were better candidates this time around than some of the people running for president. But they’re going to win elections for sure, and it’s anyone’s guess what the rest of the field will do.