A brief note on "Como Cocinar al Pulpo Trump"

Como Cocinar Al Pulpo Trump

Impossibility and Electability


Return of the Franken

Political science

June Fiction: "Racist Bones"

It's Not Going to Stop

brief follow-up to "Bridge Over Troll-Ed Waters"

A Bridge Over Troll-ed Waters

The Obituary Section

Maybe Joe Biden Can Win

Candidates I Would Have A Beer With

Beer for My Horses

Warren World

This Good Friday, Remember That I Don’t Trust Christians

April Fiction: "Minnie Perard, Author of Bernie Sanders’ Our Revolution"

Another Dumb Thing I Wrote About Politics That Is Nonetheless Not as Dumb As What Bret Easton Ellis, Who Is Not Political, Wrote In His Book About Politics

Can't Spell Politics Without "Pee"



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